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Hey! 👋 I’m Donny Meloche, a digital artist, graphic designer, and art director based in Toronto—forever inspired by queer pop culture and fashion.

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Bob the Drag Queen
& the ‘Celebration Tour’

Fashion portraits created for Bob the Drag Queen; featured as official merchandise during Madonna's 2024 The Celebration Tour. Click here to shop the ‘Celebration’ collection.

Bob the Drag Queen / Producer Entertainment Group. © 2024 Producer Entertainment Group. All rights reserved

Official Celebration Tour fan featuring Bob the Drag Queen in various stage costumes.
Madonna: The Celebration Tour merch stand. Image courtesy of @GregvsMatt on X.
Bob the Drag Queen, paying homage to Madonna's iconic 1990 'Vogue' performance at the MTV Awards.
‘Grace Jones Tuxedo’ / Bob the Drag Queen.
‘Cowboy Clown’ / Bob the Drag Queen.
‘Futuristic Fashion’ / Bob the Drag Queen.